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Home and Building Insurance

Specialists in arranging bespoke home, building and contents insurance, moulded around your specific situation and requirements.

Protect Your Home

Assured Private Wealth has a reputation for expertise in pensions, wills and trusts but we also have deep-seated experience in other areas such as general insurance – specifically, building and contents insurance.

While many people see building and contents insurance as an avoidable cost, it is perhaps best described as an investment, protecting often expensive assets. There is a balance between over-insured and under-insured, a predicament faced by many clients but an area in which we have long standing expertise.

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Home Contents Insurance

House insurance is a subject often misunderstood, an area which has many challenges and can be a minefield without professional guidance. Having advised and secured contents insurance for many clients, one of the greatest challenges is stereotypical assumptions.

Typically, this type of insurance will cover damage to possessions caused by flooding, fires, storms, burst water pipes and theft. Many insurers also offer additional cover for accidental damage, legal expenses, emergency repairs, and even cover when you are away from home for a prolonged period of time. Mixing and matching specialist insurers to provide comprehensive cover, is an area in which we excel.

Building Insurance

Building insurance is a compulsory obligation when acquiring a property using mortgage finance.

Standard building insurance will cover direct damage to the structure of your property (and connected structures) caused by weather, subsidence and theft to name but a few. Many insurers will stipulate various exclusions when it comes to building insurance, such as general wear and tear, frost damage to outside pipes, storm damage to gardens and fencing as well as deliberate damage.

Home & Building Insurance FAQs

Is home and building insurance the same?

No. Home insurance covers you against loss, theft or damage to your personal and home belongings. Building insurance covers the cost of repairs to the structure of your property which may include garages, sheds, fencing and drainage.

How are insurance premiums calculated?

Issues such as age, location, type of property and previous claims are taken into account together with client specific cover requirements.

What happens if I am under-insured?

In the event that you fail to provide accurate valuation details to your insurance company, you may find that you are under-insured. This could result in claims being rejected or only partial reimbursement of the full cost.

Are building and house contents insurance a legal obligation?

No. However, mortgage providers will insist on a minimum of building insurance and some may also require house contents insurance.

Does contents/house insurance cover everything?

No. Typical contents/house insurance will cover standard items, but specific items such as jewellery, artwork, and other expensive personal belongings may require separate cover.

Do I need to buy building and home contents insurance together?

No. We provide specialist building and contents insurance cover to clients, which may or may not be through the same insurer. However, where applicable, securing building and home contents insurance through the same provider can lead to discounts and cost savings.
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