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Wills & Trusts

Specialists in will writing and creating trusts, advising you on the most appropriate route to protect your wishes.

Will & Trust Writing Services

The idea of discussing wills and trusts, let alone writing a will, is not an easy subject to bring up with family and friends. Unfortunately, we come across far too many situations where individuals have failed to address these issues and their wishes have not been respected on their death.

When looking at wills and trusts you also need to appreciate probate, estate management, power of attorney and ultimately wealth preservation. As a wealth management company, we are specialists in will writing and creating trusts and can advise you on the most appropriate route to protect your wishes.

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Types of Wills

When considering making a will, there are many different types, which include:-
Single wills
Mirror wills
Trust wills
Discretionary trusts
Living wills
Property trusts
Flexible life interest trust wills
We offer a range of advice and guidance on the most appropriate type of will for your situation and how to execute your wishes. This is yet another aspect of wealth management which appears to be relatively straightforward on the surface, but can very quickly become complicated.
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Setting up a Trust

While there are various tax benefits in setting up will trusts, they are also used as a means of appointing trustees to look after the distribution of assets on your death. Will trusts are set up as part of an individual will.

As part of our service, we can offer advice and guidance when making a will and how to control eventual distribution. It is also important to note that due to different inheritance laws across the UK, the legal rights of individuals, partners, family and third parties can vary. Placing your estate into the hands of executors via a will trust ensures that your wishes are respected.

Without professional advice, it is not difficult to see how the use of will trusts can become complicated with errors and mistakes proving potentially costly.
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Lasting Power of Attorney

In simple terms, a lasting power of attorney is a document which identifies an individual or individuals you wish to look after your affairs if you lose the mental capacity to make decisions.
These people would effectively become your attorneys with the legal capacity to make decisions on your behalf.

If your partner, spouse or family member was to lose their mental capacity without a lasting power of attorney, you can apply to the courts.
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Wills & Trusts FAQs

What is a Will?

A will (or testament) is a legally binding document which allows an individual to determine how their assets are distributed to beneficiaries upon their death. Even though there are various different types of wills and trusts, the structure and ultimate goals remain the same.

What is the point of a Will?

As well as a means of allowing individuals to determine how their assets are distributed on death, wills can help to avoid family infighting and potential legal challenges. Structured correctly, there is also the potential to remove certain assets from inheritance tax, leaving a greater percentage of assets to be distributed to beneficiaries. It is never too soon to consider making a will!

What is a Trust?

In the eyes of the law, a trust is a separate legal entity which is often used to receive assets from an individual for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. There are numerous types of trusts which are appropriate for different scenarios.

What if I die without making a Will?

Officially referred to as “dying intestate”, the assets of those who die without making a will are passed to surviving relatives, such as a partner/spouse. If there is no surviving partner/spouse then the estate will be split equally between any children. Where there is no will, this leaves open the potential for legal disputes which can be both long and costly. Consequently, it is not difficult to see the benefits of making a will.

What is the cost of a Will?

The cost of will writing depends upon the complexity, the size of the estate and other issues such as the setting up of will trusts and appointment of trustees. Here at Assured Private Wealth we incorporate our will and trust advisory service within our Wealth Management operation. (260 words)
I can highly recommend the will and LPA service. My wife and I used Paul to complete these very important but complex and emotional tasks and it couldn't have been easier. All of our requirements were taken into account and the most suitable options fully explained in plain English for us to ultimately decide what's best for us. Paul and Sonia are an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Robin F
I contacted Assured Private Wealth explaining our circumstances, within 20 minutes we had a call back. They were very compassionate and understanding of our requirements. They took our details for mirror standard wills and promised they would be actioned straight away. Sure enough later that evening we received our wills for proof reading and corrections if needed. We had these signed and witnessed by the next morning and by the afternoon we received an email from Paul confirming he’d received the wills back and he had validated them and everything was now in place. I felt very humbled by the kind, caring and efficient service. A very personal service at a very difficult time for myself and my family.
Steve C

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