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Wealth Management & Investment Advice

Assured Private Wealth offers comprehensive wealth management services with particular emphasis on investment advice and tax planning.
We take a client-centric approach to wealth management, maintaining regular contact with clients, and taking a proactive rather than reactive stance with investment advice. While we have particular expertise in pensions, wills and trusts, the experience and expertise of our team of advisers extend way beyond.

For more information on our other services, check out our Pensions Advice page or Inheritance Tax Planning page.

Wealth Management

The term wealth management is often misunderstood. While the long-term goal is to obviously increase overall wealth, it is important to look at each element of an individual’s finances in isolation and then in a broader context. The initial KYC (know your client) discussions are very important, they allow us to not only gather a broad picture of finances but also hopes, targets and aspirations going forward.

We prefer face-to-face meetings, especially in the early stages, as this helps with a greater understanding and trust going forward.
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The most common form of savings is a simple bank account, offering interest and protection via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This is an area in which we have experience and expertise, managing cash accounts and similar large-scale cash funds.


Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have been around for some time in the UK, offering the ability to invest funds free of income tax on dividends and capital gains tax on profits. Over the years the maximum amount you can invest into ISAs has increased and currently stands at £20,000 per person per year. It is important to appreciate not only the basic benefits of an ISA but the cumulative impact going forward.


The term “investments” covers a multitude of opportunities across a range of different asset classes. We provide investment advice focused on long-term goals, which includes an acute appreciation of the risk/reward ratio.

Stocks & Shares

Stocks and shares are often seen as a barometer of both domestic and global economies, reflecting short, medium and long-term prospects. We have the experience and expertise, the technology and the contacts to maximise your long-term returns within a balanced portfolio.


Property investments have offered a degree of backbone for portfolios. As well as the potential for long-term capital appreciation, they can provide lucrative long-term income streams. Whether looking at a new home, perhaps a second home, or some form of commercial investment, there are opportunities aplenty

Wealth Management & Investment FAQs

Why do people have Wealth Managers?

Wealth managers tend to be the realm of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals, with often complex finances. Many individuals have neither the time nor the inclination to actively manage their often broad range of investments. Consequently, wealth managers work closely with clients to maximise long-term asset appreciation while looking to minimise tax liabilities. Many wealth managers also have access to specialist financial services which are not always available to the wider public.

Should I save or invest?

Both. While some high risk traders will chase the latest stock market trend and new asset classes, wealth managers take a more balanced approach. It is just as important to have a degree of financial liquidity as it is to create a long-term investment strategy. Your financial requirements will also change as you get older, with many people looking to take on a low risk approach as they near retirement.

How can a Wealth Manager grow my investments?

Wealth managers take a long-term approach to both investment and financial management. While the results of investment advice are often more visible, long-term financial management can create just as impressive returns. For example, utilising pension fund tax breaks and managing estates through wills, and the use of trusts, can create significant long-term benefits.

Are all wealth managers independent?

Assured Private Wealth is an independent financial advisor with no ties to any particular financial institution. This allows us to offer investment advice and guidance on a broad range of assets, opportunities and financial services. Some wealth managers have formal ties to individuals or a group of financial institutions which can limit access to particular services and advice.
I was happy with the service and correspondence between Paul and myself, he was very professional throughout the process. Paul supplied all the information required, following our telephone conversations.
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Professional and friendly service from experienced people to help you make the right choices and complete the important paperwork.
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