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Experts in explaining, recommending and monitoring pensions for you, so you can enjoy your retirement when the time comes.

Expert Pension Advisers

Working with a pensions adviser should be seen as part of your broader wealth management strategy, with the ultimate goal of providing a strong, steady income in retirement.

As a pension adviser, Assured Private Wealth are familiar with the recent regulatory changes together with government plans going forward. While the principle behind a personal/company pension is simple, saving for the future in the most tax-efficient manner, there are many tools we can use to enhance returns.
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Expert Pension Advice

Retirement Planning

A pension adviser can help you start retirement planning as early as possible although strategies and goals will change over the years. While your pension assets will be central to your retirement planning, you also need to consider your wider income and asset base. Some of the specific issues to consider include:-
Planned retirement date
Investment profile
Lifetime allowance
Tax benefits
Target pension fund value
Assured Private Wealth pension advisers have a deep-seated understanding of the markets and the ability to adapt your retirement plan in relation to your circumstances to help achieve the results you want when you retire.
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Combine your pensions

Combine Your Pensions

On average, a man will have 12.5 jobs in their lifetime and a woman 12.1 different employment positions. Many may also go on to be self-employed or operate their own companies, which can make pension planning a little tricky. It’s important to consider combining any relatively small pension funds you may have into one fund.

There are several benefits when looking to combine your pensions, which include:-
More easily manageable under one umbrella
Greater transparency on performance
Potential cost savings on fees
We can provide specific pensions advice and the sit down face-to-face, look at your broader financial picture, consider your changing attitude to risk as you approach retirement and take the relevant action.

Find Your Lost Pensions

As a consequence of failing to update paperwork, companies going out of business and/or changing names, it is relatively easy to lose track of one or more pension plans. Thankfully, the government backed Pension Tracing Service allows you to find contact information for missing pension funds.

As pension advice specialists, we can assist you in locating and reclaiming lost pension funds and maximising your long-term income. It is also important to keep track of any State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme (SERPs) assets in order to include this in your retirement calculations. Formal retirement planning, lost pension funds and tracking your SERPs are relatively simple in principle but can be complicated in practice.
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Pension FAQs

What services does a pensions adviser at Assured Private Wealth provide?

Our pensions adviser offers personalised advice on pension planning, including selecting the right pension schemes, consolidating pensions, and optimising your retirement income to suit your long-term financial goals.

Why should I consult a pensions adviser?

A pensions adviser helps you navigate complex pension options, ensuring you make informed decisions. At Assured Private Wealth, our advisers tailor advice to your unique situation, maximising your retirement benefits.

How can a pensions adviser help with my retirement planning?

Our pensions adviser will assess your current pension provisions, recommend suitable pension plans, and create a strategy to ensure you achieve your retirement goals with financial security.

How often should I meet with a pensions adviser?

It's advisable to meet with your pensions adviser at least annually or whenever there are significant changes in your financial situation. Regular reviews help ensure your pension plan remains aligned with your goals.

What qualifications does a pensions adviser at Assured Private Wealth have?

Our pensions advisers are fully qualified and regulated by relevant financial authorities. They possess extensive experience and knowledge to provide expert pension advice tailored to your needs.

How does a pensions adviser determine the best pension plan for me?

A pensions adviser will evaluate your financial situation, retirement goals, and risk tolerance to recommend the most suitable pension plans, ensuring your investments align with your future aspirations.

What is the role of a pensions adviser in pension consolidation?

A pensions adviser at Assured Private Wealth can guide you through consolidating multiple pension pots, making your retirement planning simpler and more efficient while potentially reducing fees.

Can a pensions adviser assist with early retirement planning?

Yes, our pensions adviser can help you plan for early retirement by assessing your financial readiness and suggesting strategies to ensure you have sufficient funds to retire when you wish.

What should I bring to a meeting with a pensions adviser?

Bring details of your current pensions, income, expenses, and any other relevant financial information. This helps our pensions adviser provide comprehensive and tailored advice.

Is there a fee for consulting a pensions adviser at Assured Private Wealth?

Yes, there is typically a fee for our pensions adviser services. The cost varies based on the complexity of advice needed. We ensure transparency and discuss fees upfront during your initial consultation.
A smooth service from start to finish. Responsive to emails, in general helpful and they will take note of your preferences when giving advice on your investments. I would recommend getting in touch for a personal service on pension advice.
Alan P
Exceptional professional service throughout the organisation. Kept informed and up to date on what was going on with my policies, from the office team to David visiting me at home. I am confident and fully informed about what is happening. I would highly recommend them.
Andrew M

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